Lemon Aspen - Bushfood (Ceramic Pot Included 160mm)


Love a home-made lemonade or lemon slice? Look no further, the Lemon Aspen has you covered for a native lemon-twist! A beautiful bushfood plant, this girl hails from the northern rainforests and produces small edible fruit that tastes like lemon and ripens in winter. Her fruit can be eaten raw or used to flavour cakes, syrups, sauces, biscuits, juices, jam, seafood and casseroles to name a few! And if that isn’t enough, she flowers in summer and her fruit contains more antioxidants than a blueberry! We think she’s a winner.

Caring For Your Plant:


Lemon Aspens thrive in a sunny to partly-shaded outdoor position avoiding strong winds and harsh frost.  Her attractive foliage is perfect for patio pots and can be shaped by pruning. If planted in the garden Lemon Aspen’s can grow to 7 metres (taller in the rainforest), however can easily be kept at 3-5m with pruning. She has moderate watering needs.

Growing capacity 6-7m height x 4m width.

She can be repotted into a larger pot plant when needed or can be planted in the garden at anytime as well! Ensure no water is sitting in the bottom of her ceramic pot as this will rot the roots.

How She Will Arrive:

Our Lemon Aspen’s are planted in gardener’s pots and are delivered in a beautiful 160mm ceramic pot plant in your choice of colour!

They also include care instructions and a beautifully handwritten gift card seeded with Swan River Daisies! Even more natives to enjoy!

Why Buy Natives?

There are SO many reasons to surround yourself with native plants! Native plants are low maintenance, requiring less of our precious water than exotic species which also saves money! They provide essential food for our native wildlife – attracting native birds, butterflies, lizards, bees, frogs and insects to name a few! By buying native plants you are helping to preserve our native environment and plant species. Yay you!

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